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Healthy Christmas dinner swaps: How to cut calories without missing out this year

“Pigs in blankets are not only high in fat due to their high pork content, but they are also cooked or fried in oil making their fat content even higher. A great alternative to this dish is asparagus wrapped in parma ham.

“The fibre content of the asparagus supports healthy digestion and the lower fat content of parma ham means it’s a much healthier alternative.”

Swap vegetable oil for healthier oil options

Using a healthy oil when cooking can be an easy way to trim the calories of the meal.

A great alternative for vegetable oil is olive oil,” David explained.

“Olive oil is one of the healthiest oils as it is made from the root of an olive tree and contains healthy fatty acids.

“Another alternative is avocado oil, which is made from the stone of the avocado fruit and is a healthier and tastier option to vegetable oil.


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