Here's why cost-conscious travelers continue to blow their vacation budgets


Reduce the number of surprise expenses by plotting out the finest details of your vacation.

Do your research: Consider traveling during off-peak seasons and days in order to shave a few bucks off your trip.

For instance, right now might be a good time to book that trip to Catalina Island in California, according to TripAdvisor Rentals.

That’s because the median weekly vacation rental rate is lowest in January and February: $1,864. In comparison, the median weekly rate is highest during the second week of July: $3,457.

Plan out your must-sees: Draft a schedule of your tourist stops.

“This way you already know what you’re planning to allocate funds to, meaning you’re less likely to agree to spontaneous last-minute plans that could throw off your budget,” said Danielski.

List all of your expenses: Your hotel stay and flight are just two components of your trip. Build in reasonable allowances for food and transportation, too.

“This may mean staying at an Airbnb, where you’re able to cook meals at home and looking at relative prices for ride-sharing apps versus renting a car,” said Danielski.

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