Hillary 'Can't Imagine' Running for President Again


Hillary Clinton told Tina Brown’s podcast “TBD” she “can’t imagine” running for president again but insists she is “going to keep speaking out” about President Donald Trump.

“I can’t imagine that, no,” Clinton said Monday when asked if she could change her mind about seeking the White House in 2020.

However, she insisted “Just because I’m not running, I’m not going to keep my mouth shut. I’m going to keep speaking out,” saying she is “very worried about the direction that Trump and his allies are taking us.”

Clinton added “it is a very concerning time not only for our democracy but for Western democracy overall.”

She also discussed the challenges women have in running for president.

Regarding presidential debates, for example, Clinton said, “How does a woman stand up for herself on the biggest stage in the world without . . . looking aggressive, maybe a little bit angry, that somebody is behaving like that, being willing to go toe-to-toe when there are so few memories embedded in our collective DNA where women do that?”

She said it is difficult for a woman to “get on this kind of Goldilocks path where you’re not too strong and you’re not too weak, you’re not too aggressive and you’re not too passive. This is still a problem for women on the public stage.”

However, Clinton said the greater number of women in the race for the White House in 2020 should make it “a little bit easier,” because the public will be confronted with a wider range of speaking styles and campaign approaches.

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