Hollyoaks’ Ollie Morgan returns to football after horrendous sexual abuse by coach Buster reveals actor Aedan Duckworth


OLLIE Morgan will bravely return to playing football after his horrific sexual abuse ordeal at the hands of coach Buster Smith in Hollyoaks.

Actor Aedan Duckworth – who plays Ollie in the Channel 4 soap – has revealed the schoolboy will put his boots back on as he gets his life back on track to prove that Buster can no longer control him.

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Aedan spoke exclusively to The Sun Online’s Soap Bubble[/caption]

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online’s Soap Bubble, Auden revealed: “Ollie’s going to get back into football. It takes Darren to persuade him but he does go back and start playing again.”

He added: “I think it’s a brilliant mindset to show and hopefully will be reflected by our viewers.

“Because if you can go through something like that with a football coach and be around football abuse, and you can get past that and start playing again, and doing what you love, it just shows that it hasn’t damaged your dreams and you can still go for it.

“It’s a brilliant, brilliant example to set.”

Aedan was glad Buster was sent to prison in the storyline to inspire other survivors to come forward
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Buster was jailed for years for his sexual offences against children
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But while the outcome has been good for the actor, filming the scenes involving the abuse and the court case were tough for Aedan.

He said: “I’m not going to lie to you, it was quite hard, obviously I’m a young lad, and the type of scenes we had to film were very, very difficult.”

Fortunately the show has cultivated a safe space behind the scenes so all the actors can be supported through the more harrowing aspects of their storylines.

Aedan added: “The whole team from Hollyoaks, the actors, to the camera, the environment where we work is absolutely amazing.


“The way I describe it is literally like an adult high school. We’re always laughing and joking but when the camera’s on we’ve got to do our job justice because obviously it’s such an important story line.

“The fact that it is made so easy to just switch off due to how good the environment is amazing.”

Aedan’s on-screen dad Luke Morgan was sent to prison for assault before Ollie’s trial, and with his mother Scarlett having abandoned him in the village, Ollie has been left with his step-mum Mandy and her boyfriend Darren Osborne.

He said: “I’d love Gary to come back, 100%. I miss Gary loads, he’s cracking on with The Full Monty tour but yeah, I definitely want Gary to come back, that would be awesome.”

Ollie is going to return to football to prove Buster wrong and to show survivors that they can do it too
Ollie’s dad Luke was sent to prison and Aedan has called for Gary Lucy to return to the show
Channel 4

And he would like Susie Amy to return as his mum Scarlet, especially as she has no idea what’s gone on with her son and what he’s been through.

He said: “It would be great see the return of Scarlet, and see what her side of the story is, see her reaction to it, because it will all be news to her. That would be very interesting.”

And with Mandy and Darren expecting a baby with spina bifida, the couple’s attentions are going to be split away from Ollie as he moves on.

“It’s going to be very difficult obviously because they are going to be very occupied with the baby. Ollie’s going to treat him like his own little brother, so whatever happens to him it’s going to be very very difficult.


“Although, everything that he’s been through he’s going to be more able to cope now with whatever after everything.”

And with serial killer Breda McQueen murdering bad dads in the village, and Darren soon to be set up by Juliet Quinn for a fake affair, is he worried about losing his on-screen father figure?

He laughed: “I hope not! Ollie hasn’t got many people! If she starts killing everyone off I’m going to be crying again for another year.”

Though he does admit Ollie could have done with Breda dishing out her own form of justice to Buster.

He laughed: “It would have made it easier because I wouldn’t have had to film the court case and the verdict.”

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