Home Secretary is urged to launch independent inquiry into Scotland Yard following Operation Midland scandal


“It is now necessary for Home Secretary, Priti Patel, to restore public confidence by setting up an independent enquiry into the conduct of the MPS handling of Operation Midland into the so called VIP Paedophile Ring. In this way only can sufferers of abuse feel safe to come forward.”

Lord Bramall, 95, said it was “completely ridiculous” that no officer involved had faced criminal or disciplinary action.

He also called for a full and unredacted version of Sir Richard’s 2016 report to be released in its entirety immediately.

A spokesman for the police watchdog said: “The IOPC conducted a careful assessment of whether there were any criminal offences to consider. In this case no suspicion of criminality was identified.

“The investigation did not identify any information to suggest that officers deliberately withheld evidence from the applications, with the intention of misleading the district judge.”

A Met Police spokesman said it would review whether more of Sir Richard’s report could be published.


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