Hope chihuahua Gizmo snatched by seagulls is still alive after bone found to be rabbit's


It means the four-year-old pooch, that was grabbed from a Devon garden about a week ago could have escaped being gobbled up by the menacing bird. 

Veterinary surgeons at Torquay’s Vets4Pets gave Gizmo’s owner Rebecca Hill, 24, the good news after eliminating any possibility the bone belonged to a dog. 

Hayley Pfeffer, a vet who examined the bone, said: “I can confirm it’s not a dog’s foot and more likely that of a rabbit.”

A second vet also eliminated any possibility the leg bone could have been from Gizmo. 

“I can confirm it’s not a dog’s foot”

Hayley Pfeffer

Ad Vijoen, also told The Sun: “This is not a canine foot. The claws are that of a rabbit and there are hairs between the toes where a dog would have pads.” 

Rebecca was obviously relieved to learn that Gizmo could still be alive and thanked people who phoned with information that could lead to his return. 

She added: “It shows they are still trying to find Gizmo, but as you can imagine I’m still so heartbroken, heartbroken but appreciative  people have been touched by Gizmo’s disappearance.”

Menacing seagulls continue to dive bomb tourists and attack animals across the UK, leading one MP to call for the birds to be given contraceptives in a bid to drive down their numbers. 

Independent MP John Woodcock, 40, said he wanted to slash red tape that protects the gulls. 

He said: “The seagull issue has been a menace for years. Putting contraceptives in food has been effective in some areas. 

“An alternative is replacing their eggs with fakes.”

The Barrow and Furness representative continued to tell the publication: “Let local communities take action against the fat, aggressive urban sods that dive bomb us, crap on our cars, steal food out of our hand and terrorise our pets.” 


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