Hope for family of missing Brit Rem Kingston as OAP is convinced he’s spotted him in Gibraltar a month after he vanished from Med ferry


A RETIRED OAP says he spotted missing Brit Rem Kingston on a wooden bench in Gibraltar – raising fresh hopes for the 31-year-old’s desperate family.

Ken Lucas, 61, claims he spotted the Essex-born lad looking “thin and unkempt” by an ATM near his home in Gibraltar just four days ago.

The 31-year-old was last seen on Friday, March 22 at 5am after boarding Balearia ferry Hypatia de Alejandria
Rem Kingston, pictured, was last seen on Friday, March 22 after boarding a ferry from Valencia to Majorca
Ken Lucas, from Gibraltar, claims he saw an ‘unkempt’ Rem sitting on this wooden bench near his home four days ago
Ken Lucas
The bench is located near the gates to Gibraltar’s Botanical Gardens, pictured
Ken, pictured, only realised he may have spotted Rem when he saw a news story about the lad’s disappearance a few days later
Ken Lucas

Rem vanished on March 22 while travelling on a ferry with his mum from Valencia to Majorca.

Although Spanish cops fear he jumped overboard his anguished family have continued the search for him in a desperate bid to determine if he still alive.


Ken, 61, told The Sun Online he was walking to an ATM near his home when he saw Kem sitting on a wooden bench nearby.

He said: “I’m quite sure that it was him. His face was a slim face, a thin elongated face, with hair on the chin and he didn’t look very kempt.

“He sounded British, I’m 100 percent sure of that because if someone says ‘hi’ in Spanish it’s different. From the accent and everything you could tell he was British.

“I thought he would want some money so I walked past and said ‘hi’ but he didn’t say anything more.

“I thought he was going to ask for some coins and he didn’t. When I saw the picture of him the following day I said ‘bloody hell I think I saw this guy the other day’.

“I couldn’t say 100 percent. It could be someone similar, but for me it was him.”

Rem has vanished before. In 2014 he left his home in Essex and was found four days later in Scotland. Afterwards, he was diagnosed with depression.

Ken added: “To be honest with you I think he’s going to be found alive hiding somewhere here in Gibraltar and I hope so as well for the family.

“They must be very worried because he’s been missing for a month.”

Rem’s parents and sister Meghan Kingston say the paranoia-suffering Brit, who at times gets scared of people, could easily have gone into hiding on the ferry and then disembarked in Majorca.


Speaking to The Sun Online following news of the possible sighting, Megan, 29, pleaded with the public to keep an eye out for Rem.

She said: “It shows that he could have potentially gone further than the mainland, Majorca or Ibiza.

“It’s great the public aren’t ruling out that he could have gone further afield.

“We will remain hopeful. It only takes one person to spot him.

“Please keep one eye out for him. His hair would be longer. He would obviously look quite tired now because of his mental state.

“He could be quite suspicious and confused. He’s approachable as a person, but please call police immediately to get him to safety.”

The possible sighting comes after it emerged the Kingston family have turned to the PR guru who helped Madeleine McCann’s parents after their daughter’s disappearance.

Former BBC journalist Clarence Mitchell has told the family that publicity is paramount and is now organising a press conference for Rem’s loved ones to make an appeal.

Megan, Rem's sister, has not given up hope he may have gotten off the ferry and is still alive
Megan, Rem’s sister, has not given up hope he may have gotten off the ferry and is still alive

Megan has pleaded with the public to continue keeping an eye out for Rem
Megan Kingston

Megan has pleaded with the public to continue keeping an eye out for Rem[/caption]

She is continuing to campaign for her brother in the chance he may be alive and in hiding
She is continuing to campaign for her brother in the chance he may be alive and in hiding


At the time of Rem’s disappearance Spanish authorities carried out a two day sea and air search to no avail.

His family started their own hunt from their pocket and with public donations on a JustGiving page raised almost £10,000 as a reward for information that leads to him.

Megan said: “Rem was at a phase of life where everything was going for him. He had travelled to the Isle of Wight shortly before he went missing to look into undertaking a Yacht Master Commercial Skipper course.

“He was working towards him and Natacha working on flotilla yachts in the Mediterranean, Rem as the Skipper and Natacha as the house-keeper looking after guests.

“With Rem’s skipper course and Natacha’s background in nursing and fluency in five languages they were set to be successful in this dream.

“He has a pure heart and soul and I really hope we can all drop whatever mundane thing we are moaning about or not appreciating and just take a pinch of that warmth and club together to support him back and bring him home.”

The UK Foreign Office said: “We are assisting the family of a British man who has been reported missing at sea in Majorca, and are in contact with the Spanish police.”

Spanish authorities are still helping if an alert should be issued.


Rem Kingston was last seen boarding the ferry Hypatia de Alejandria, pictured[/caption]

A missing poster showing images of Rem asks for anyone who's spotted him to contact local police
A missing poster showing images of Rem asks for anyone who’s spotted him to contact local police

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