Horrific injuries of acid attack victim, 25, who felt like his body was ‘on fire’ when thug hurled drain cleaner in ‘jealous’ attack


A 25-YEAR-OLD suffered horrific injuries after having acid hurled at him by a “close friend” when he stopped hanging around with him.

Joe Davies had a drain cleaner, which contained more than 90 per cent sulphuric acid, thrown at him by “father figure” Roger Comer, 45.

Joe Davies, 25, suffered horrific injuries when he had acid hurled at him by Roger Comer
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Jealous obsessive Roger Comer has been jailed for nine years
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Within seconds he said his body felt like it was on fire and described the pain as “horrendous”.

Joe, who had acid thrown at his face and body, told of his relief after seeing Comer jailed for nine years for the attack in the street.

Recalling the horrendous ordeal Joe said: “It was like someone poured petrol over me and lit a lighter.

“I met Roger through a friend of mine while I was living in a hostel. I’ve been in the care system since I was 14–years-old. He was a close friend of mine for just over two years, someone I started to look up to as a father figure.”

Joe said he got into with Roger in July 2017 when he went to visit him in Slough.

“He accused me of putting vape juice into his drink”, Joe said. “It was the first time he had made any accusation like that…I’d never known him to be violent before.

“At first I thought he was mucking around, I thought he was having a joke. But then when he came to the door he was holding a screw driver, so I knew he wasn’t joking.”

Joe said Comer continued to accuse him of trying to poison him.

As he prepared to leave Comer threw acid at him which left him with second and third degree burns.


He said: “It was instant burning. He just stood and watched me burn while I pleaded with him to get me some water to dilute it.

“He just looked at me…there was no expression on his face, he just watched me. Then I looked around and he went inside the house and shut the door, locking me out.”

Neighbours rushed to help Joe, who said he was “screaming like a little kid”, hosed him down and called an ambulance.

Comer was sentenced to nine years in prison for the cowardly attack that left Joe fearful for his life.

Joe, who suffered burns to his face, chest, neck and hands, said: “I believe it was jealously. I had stopped hanging around with him as much and I started enjoying my life as a young man.

“I believe it was a revenge attack for that.

“I want people to know what a coward he is and the lack of remorse that he showed to me. We had a close relationship but he was still able to inflict so much pain upon someone that was close to him.

“When it first happened I wasn’t able to say his name, but now I want to name and shame him and show what kind of person he really is. I want to show the monster he really is.”

Joe, pictured before the horrifying acid attack, in July 2017
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Joe had acid thrown at him by Comer, whom he described as a father figure
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