Horrifying moment driver runs over sleeping puppy – before reversing over it again


A MOTORIST has been filmed driving over a sleeping puppy before reversing over it again in a shocking video.


The horrific incident happened in the south-western Bulgarian town of Sandanski.

In it, the Audi driver is seen parked in front of a sleeping dog that is sprawled close to the edge of a road.

The motorist turns the car on and drives directly towards the unaware pooch, running over its body with his front wheel.

They then appear to look down at the poor pooch from his window and seconds later, they reverse over the animal again.

The struggling dog is seen writhing in agony on the ground as the Audi driver turns and drives away.

At the end of the clip, the injured puppy can be seen flapping around on the ground before appearing to pass out in a pool of its own blood.

Lyubka Mihaylova Mitova’ rescued the injured dog and took it to a veterinary clinic in the capital city of Sofia.

According to local media reports, vets said the stray eight-month-old pup suffered a shattered spine.

Video of incident

AWFUL: The horror moment was caught on camera (Pic: CEN)

Radoslav Rangelov from the NGO ‘Dog Help BG’ has said that the pooch will never walk again.

Local residents are now reportedly collecting money to pay for the dog’s treatment.

There has been no confirmation on whether the local authorities are investigating the incident.

It comes after an aggressive racoon dog has left Lincolnshire pet owners terrified.


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