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Hot weather forecast: When will the heatwave end in the UK?


Heatwave conditions are hitting the UK, with four days so far reaching the Met Office’s heatwave threshold. Temperatures of more than 34C have baked the south of England, and are forecast to continue this week.

A UK heatwave threshold is met when an area records a period of at least three consecutive days with daily maximum temperatures meeting or exceeding the heatwave temperature threshold.

For the south of England, the threshold value is 27C – and this recent spate of hot weather has far surpassed it.

On Friday, August 7, temperatures hit 36.4C in Kew Gardens and Heathrow, making it the hottest August day since 2003.

This heat has continued into Monday, but just how long will the heatwave last?

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Met Office yellow weather warnings are in place for four days, spanning Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Dan Harris, said: “Whilst the extreme heat is likely to gradually decline through next week, we are also expecting the risk of thunderstorms to increase, with the potential for downpours of up to 80mm in just a few hours. On any particular day however, a lot of places will miss these altogether.

“We’ve issued a broad thunderstorm warning for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for all parts of the UK, since although the ingredients are there, it’s just too early to pinpoint the details of exactly where and when thunderstorms will occur.”

Today, thunderstorm warnings cover much of the UK away from northern Scotland warning of the risk of heavy showers, frequent lightning and gusty winds with 1.1 to 1.5 inches (30 to 40mm) of rain possible in an hour.

Thunderstorm warnings are in place until 11.59pm today for:

  • East Midlands
  • East of England
  • London and South East England
  • North East England
  • North West England
  • Northern Ireland
  • SW Scotland, Lothian Borders
  • South West England
  • Wales
  • West Midlands
  • Yorkshire and Humber

The Met Office warns: “Some places are likely to see severe thunderstorms on Monday – but there is significant uncertainty in location and timing.”

Through Tuesday and Wednesday, the entire UK is covered by yellow thunderstorm warnings, with forecasters warning: “the most intense thunderstorms, in some instances associated with large hail, will most probably be those triggered by the high temperatures of the day over England and Wales, other areas of storms producing heavy rainfall and frequent lightning could reach further north at times over Scotland and Northern Ireland.”

On Thursday, thunderstorm warnings are in place for the East Midlands, East of England, London and South East England, North East England, North West England, South West England, Wales, West Midlands and Yorkshire and Humber until 11.59pm the same day.

Again, the wide warning area is due to the uncertainty in the thunderstorm locations, however areas could see torrential rain, large hail, strong gusty winds and frequent lightning.


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