House for sale: Three bed ‘bungalow’ on Zoopla for just £24,995 – is all what it seems?


The home is being sold by Your Move, and it’s located in North Seaton, Ashington, which is in Northumberland.

The listing reveals the home is a three bed bungalow, and it’s priced at only £24,995.

This may look like a bargain, especially considering the average estimated value for a house in the postcode is £201,586.

What is more, the average sale price in the last 12 months was £197,094.

However, not all is what it seems.

The promising advertisement on Zoopla reads: “Soak up the stunning clifftop scenery and views across the beach from Sandy Bay Holiday Park in Ashington.

“Enjoy family walks on the beach, accessible straight from the park; it s the perfect spot for building sandcastles or exploring the rock pools.”

But closer inspection reveals the the advert is actually for a caravan.

The listing is selling an Abi Elegance, a caravan that sleeps six, currently sitting in Sandy Bay Holiday Park.

This type of caravan is a large mobile home style abode.

It boats three bedrooms, sleeping eight, and a good kitchen area.

It has a working bathroom with a shower and is double glazed and central heated.

While it is a large caravan, many might find themselves disappointed if expecting bricks and mortar.

The home is 12ft by 36ft and listing includes 2019 Standard Pitch Fees for the site.

This property will not make a good permanent home either. It is not legal to live all year round on a holiday park.

Website Sell My Group explained: “By definition a holiday park is not allowed to be used as a permanent residential address.

“The vast majority of holiday parks shut down and are not permitted to be occupied for at least 6 weeks during the winter.

“Owning or renting a residential property in addition to a holiday home is a legal requirement. Living fraudulently on a holiday park, would give the owner no right to vote or register with a doctor.”

A stunning property for sale has been listed on Zoopla for just £42,000 recently. Why so cheap? 


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