How did Poldark end last series? A recap of what happened ahead of tonight’s season 5 premiere


POLDARK returns for its fifth and final season TONIGHT (July 14).

So that you’re all up to speed for the new series, let’s take a look at everything that happened in season four.

Ross Poldark had a year of ups and downs in season four

What happened at the end of season four of Poldark?

WARNING: Contains spoilers from season four of Poldark

The season finale of Poldark series four was full of heartache and drama.

The final episode was dominated by the shocking and tragic death of Elizabeth Warleggan, after she drank medicine to induce her labour early.

Upon hearing that his first love was dying Ross rushed to her home, where he was told by George Warleggan that she was dead.

Also in the episode, Ross returned home from London and made amends with wife Demelza, again.

The couple are trying to move on now that their past lovers, Hugh and Elizabeth, are no longer around.

The episode ended on a happier note when Drake and Morwenna finally get married.

Demelza Poldark struggled with her feelings for Hugh Armitage and also her love for Ross

What else happened in season four of Poldark?

WARNING: Contains spoilers from season four of Poldark

Ross and Demelza Poldark

The Poldarks started series four with their marriage in danger.

Demelza’s fling with Hugh Armitage left Ross jealous, and matters became worse when he passed away, leaving Demelza heartbroken.

Ross’ life took a different turn when he was elected MP for Truro, taking the seat from arch nemesis George Warleggan.

Ross spent much of the series in London while Demelza kept things afloat back in Cornwall –  which included preventing George from putting Pascoe’s Bank, which contained their savings, out of business.

Ross’ arch-nemesis George Warleggan lost his wife in the last series of Poldark

Elizabeth and George Warleggan

Despite his promise to Elizabeth that he was a changed man and would no longer continue his rivalry with Ross, George just couldn’t help himself.

His long-standing hatred of the Poldarks wasn’t helped by Geoffrey Charles carelessly pointing out how much young Valentine looked like Ross, stoking his suspicion that he wasn’t the boy’s biological father.

To make matters worse he then lost his seat in parliament to Ross.

In order to persuade George that Valentine really was his son, and was indeed born at eight months, Elizabeth induced early labour with Ursula, and died from complications of the medicine she’d used to do so.

There was heartache for Dr Enys in season four of Poldark
There was heartache for Dr Enys in season four of Poldark

Dwight and Caroline Enys

After Dwight’s prisoner-of-war experiences in season three, the Enyses had another year of heartache.

Soon after the birth of their daughter Sarah Caroline, Dr Enys noticed a fatal heart defect in the child and she died not long after.

In a bid to stop herself from grieving, Caroline left Dwight behind and moved to London, where she kept busy with a whirling social life.

Ross urged her to grieve for her child, and eventually, Caroline returned to Dwight.

By the end of the series, she said that she was ready to become a mother again.

Drake finally got to marry Morwenna

Drake and Morwenna

It was another tough year for these two.

Drake was almost hanged in epsiode one, while Morwenna’s hideous husband Rev Whitworth (also know as Ossie) continued to abuse her.

Ossie then attempted to have Morwenna committed to an asylum because of her depression, but Dr Enys blocked his plans.

By the time Ossie died a very violent death, Morwenna was pregnant with her second child.

She lost the baby, but her experiences with Ossie had sapped her of all hope and she pushed true love Drake away.

Drake, however, didn’t give up, and when Morwenna told him that she couldn’t have a physical relationship after her experiences with Ossie, Drake asked Morwenna to be his wife “in name only”.

She agreed, and the pair got married.

What time is Poldark on tonight?

Poldark series 5 begins tonight (July 14, 2019) at 9pm on BBC1.

Yes, the hunky captain is returning for eight episodes to keep us all entertained on Sunday evenings.

Once each episode has aired you’ll be able to also catch it on the BBC iPlayer.

Filming finished in February 2019, with the cast sharing sweet snaps of Demelza kissing her Ross on the last day of shooting.




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