How old is Boris Johnson girlfriend Carrie Symonds? Is she younger than his daughter?


Boris Johnson’s girlfriend Carrie Symonds wore a bright pink dress to 10 Downing Street. 

The eye-catching hue ensured the girlfriend of the new Prime Minister could not be missed as he made his entrance to the historic building.

Carrie is a political PR and she met her middle-aged boyfriend while working in government.

The pair have been linked for quite some time, despite the fact the Prime Minister is still married to his second wife Marina Wheeler.

How old is Carrie Symonds?

Carrie is only 31-years-old, 24 years younger than her boyfriend and his second wife.

How old are Boris Johnson’s children? 

Boris Johnson’s children are now in their adult years.

He has four children with his wife Marina, who he is currently seeking a divorce from.

His daughter Lara Lettice is his oldest child at 26, only five years younger than his current girlfriend.

She studied at famous private boarding school Bedales known for its less structured approach to education and a liberal ethos.

Boris Johnson’s second child Milo Arthur is 24.

Cassia Peaches is 22-years-old and Theordore Apollo is 20.

Boris has a fifth child – Stephanie – who was born in 2009, making her around 10, after an affair with arts consultant Helen Macintyre.

With Carrie taking up the effective role of “First Girlfriend” she is already causing dresses to sell out.

The dress was a £120 gown from Ghost and it sold out completely after Carrie wore it.

The Luella dress was praised, including by Piers Morgan who wrote: “Speaking in my capacity as Britain’s fashion expert, I loved Carrie Symonds’ dress.”

Boris Johnson’s ex girlfriends are rumoured to be many although the Prime Minister has been married for the vast majority of his adult life.

Carrie Symonds bears a resemblance to a former flame of his, Anna Fazackerley. 

Carrie Symonds has moved into Downing Street with Boris Johnson today. 

Prior to today it had been unclear whether Mr Johnson’s girlfriend would join him in the official residence in Downing Street. The move marks a moment in history, with an unmarried couple having never lived in the building before.


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