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How to lose visceral fat: Sugar and carbohydrates should be reduced to burn belly fat

Dr Michael Mosely said: “You want to lose weight and you want to lose belly fat.

“The weight is falling, but your waistline won’t budge.

“It’s frustrating. After all, committing to eating well and exercising is a pretty major lifestyle shift – you’re doing your bit, so why won’t your body co-operate? What’s going on?

“To lose belly fat, you have to understand belly fat and to understand belly fat, you need to understand the basics of how insulin works.

“Your body makes insulin after a meal in order to keep blood sugar stable.

“On your cell walls, insulin opens up glucose ports to allow sugar through – for burning in muscle, and for storage in fat. In your fat, insulin also curbs the release of fatty acids (a source of energy) into your system.

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