How to sell your home despite Brexit fear – sell AFTER this date expert warns


Selling your home is usually difficult, but amid Brexit many may be find the process even more unpleasant.

There is much uncertainty lingering over a post-Brexit Britain and the property market is among the affected sectors.

With many Britons’ wealth wrapped up in their property, it is causing nerves for many.

The lack of a clear picture has led to a hesitant, wait-and-see approach from many.

If you’re selling your home at this tumultuous time, what should you look out for?

Residential People have outlined five tips for selling your home during Brexit.

Selling your home during Brexit

Be patient and cautious

A lack of political stability is mirrored in the market, with buyers and sellers alike unsure which path the economy is heading down.

Once the storm clouds clear over the political landscape, it is likely that house prices will increase. Exercise patience and caution to get full value on your property.

Sell after 31 October

With Brexit’s D-Day prolonged until 31 October, the future of the market and our economy will be revealed on Halloween (hopefully, not a fitting date).

Whether we receive a full deal, or a no deal Brexit, the clarity is sure to increase potential sale prices. Uncertainty leads to reluctance – knowing what kind of Brexit we have will loosen the market.

Keep an eye on fluctuations

Be savvy in the run up to our EU separation by utilising the monthly data offered by the Halifax House Price Index.

This handy database allows you to monitor movements in the market, which can also be identified through regional house price fluctuations. Paying close attention to trends will ensure that you’re not short-changed.

Gamble on interest rates

An anxious market has led to Bank of England interest rates hitting an all-time low. This state of nervousness has caused speculation that they may drop even further, with many experts unable to provide a definitive indication of which way the rates will go.

Taking a risk and waiting the course could well pay off if the banks remain fearful.

Don’t panic

Whether it’s a no-deal or deal Brexit, houses will continue to be bought and sold. In the worst-case scenario, it may not be business as usual initially, but the market will steady over time.

Blindly selling up in a period of uncertainty could lead to you missing out on a windfall.

Don’t make rash decisions while the waters are muddy, wait for clarity and a rejuvenated market.

If your property is for sale how can you make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Appealing to a different generation might be harder for older sellers looking to pass their home on to younger buyers.

Now research has revealed what millennial buyers are looking for in a home.


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