Huawei launches THREE new laptops at MWC 2019 to take on Apple’s MacBook Pro


CHINESE phone-maker Huawei is releasing three new laptops to take on Apple’s domineering Macbook series.

The tech giant announced the trio of PCs today during a press conference at MWC 2019 in Barcelona.

matebook x pro
The Sun

The Matebook X Pro is light as a feather and can be carried easily in one hand[/caption]

They include a feature-packed flagship, the new Huawei Matebook X-Pro, as well as two cheaper options – the Matebook 13 and Matebook 14.

Matebook X-Pro

The X-Pro is the priciest of the three with all the bells and whistles included.

It features a touch screen display that has almost no bezels, leaving you with a 91% screen ratio.

As well as general tapping, the touch screen has a few neat gesture controls you can use, such as a three-finger swipe to take a screenshot.

Matebook X Pro
The Sun

No word on price or a release date just yet[/caption]

Another fun feature is a power button that doubles up as a fingerprint sensor. Simply tap the button to both power up and login in one fell swoop.

To avoid dodgy hackers spying on you, Huawei hid the webcam inside the keyboard.

It pops up when you need it, and folds back down when not in use.

If you have a Huawei phone, there’s a fun way you can share text or photos between your Matebook and your handset.

Once connected via the new One Hop tool, you can simply shake your phone and tap it on your laptop to record your screen or copy text between them.

According to Huawei, the battery runs for about 14 hours between charges, which is a fair bit longer than the 10 hours promised by Macbooks.

The Matebook X Pro is out in April, and there’s no word on price yet, but we’ll update this story as soon as we know more.

Matebook 13 and 14

The Matebook 13 and 14 are the cheaper models of the trio, but still offer a lot of bang for their buck.

They’re named after the size of their displays, with the Matebook 13 sporting a 13″ screen, and the Matebook 14 a 14″.

They both still come with One Touch, and are touchscreen capable.

And like the X Pro, both are powered by a beefy 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor.

The Matebook 14 will last you 14 hours between charges, while the 13 will chug along for around 10 before you need to plug it in.

Again, no word on price yet, but the 13 will be out at the end of this month and the 14 in April.

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