Huawei reviewing ties with FedEx after two packers were 'diverted to America'


Huawei is reviewing its relationship with FedEx after it claimed two of its packages were “diverted to America”, amid rising tensions between the Chinese technology company and the US government. 

Donald Trump’s administration has repeatedly warned that Huawei’s equipment could be used for spying by China, and earlier this month the US president signed an executive order which effectively banned the company from America’s 5G network.

Huawei has maintained it is independent of the Chinese state and has now accused American courier FedEx of diverting its packages to the US, despite the fact they were travelling between Asian addresses.

The company said that FedEx diverted two parcels sent from Japan and addressed to its offices in China, instead sending them to the US, and attempted to divert two more packages sent from Vietnam to offices elsewhere in Asia.  

Huawei provided images of FedEx tracking records to Reuters, but the news agency said it has not yet verified their authenticity. Huawei said one package originating in Vietnam was received by Friday, and the other was on its way.


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