Hundreds of speeding motorists from European countries escape prosecution due to quirk in EU laws


“The reason is that in the UK, whoever was driving the vehicle at the time of an alleged offence, is liable for prosecution. In some, but not all, EU countries, the registered keeper of the vehicle is liable even if they were not driving at the time.

“Under EU legislation, dating from 2017, UK police forces can request the registered keeper’s details if they are a foreign national but we cannot establish who was driving the vehicle at the time. This is what we would require under UK legislation to secure a prosecution for a speeding offence.”

Mr Green, the Conservative MP for Ashford, said he would write to the chief constable to demand an explanation, adding: “This is unacceptable. Everyone who uses that part of the M20 can tell you how they have been overtaken by foreign lorries who do not obey the speed limit.

“The idea that they can do so with impunity sends out the wrong message.”

He added that technology and help from foreign police forces should be used to identify commercial vehicles, such as lorries and trucks arriving at ports, and their drivers if it is thought they have been driving dangerously here.


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