Husband ‘strips wife naked, beats her with pipe and shaves her hair off after she refuses to dance for friends’


A HUSBAND stripped his wife naked, beat her with a pipe and then shaved her hair off after she refused to dance for his friend, it’s been claimed.

Mum Asma Aziz, 22, told how she was tortured and humiliated by her husband and his friends in a heartbreaking video she uploaded to social media.


Asma Aziz, 22, was stripped, beaten and shaved after refusing to dance for husband’s friends[/caption]

Asma and her husband Mian Faisal, who has been arrested

Asma and her husband Mian Faisal, who has been arrested[/caption]

With bruises on her face and her hair completely shaved off, Asma had tears in her eyes as she opened up about her horrific ordeal.

Asma, from Lahore, Pakistan, claimed she was beaten up by her husband of four years, Mian Faisal, and his friends for refusing to dance.

She told how they ripped her clothes off before she was pinned down by a servant while her husband shaved her hair off and set it on fire in the early hours of Sunday.

“They (my husband and his friend) undressed and beat me with a pipe,” she said in the video footage.

She claimed the men also threatened to strangle her, Geo TV reported.

Asma accused her husband of regularly beating her, starting just six months after they tied the knot.

The woman, who reportedly has three children from a previous marriage, said her husband often invited his friends over to their house to party.

She escaped from the house the day after the alleged attack, but police refused to allow her to lodge a complaint unless she paid a bribe.

She was also refused medical treatment as the police kept asking her for money.

“The police demanded cash for medical examination. I had no cash to pay them,” she said.

“How and from where I can pay them?”

Asma decided to share the video to reach out to the public for help, as both of her parents are dead.

Since the video emerged, police have arrested her husband and a second suspect.

She claims her hair was shaved off and then set on fire in front of her

She claims her hair was shaved off and then set on fire in front of her[/caption]


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