Hysterical moment an adorable puppy crashes live news report 'Forget the people!'

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During a weather report discussing the icy conditions in Northern Virginia, Fox 5 reporter Bob Barnard was joined by a runaway puppy and was quick to abandon his report to chase and coo over the pup. The dog, named Pierogi, ran over to Mr Barnard and he quickly scooped her up in his arms.

Mr Barnard said: “Forget the people we talked to earlier, I want to get to know this dog!”

Pierogi seemed quite happy with Mr Barnard and was sniffing and licking his face cheerfully. 

The presenter’s in the studio joked: “This is Bob’s ice scraping and kennel service!”

Mr Barnard then laughed: “I won’t even charge for this!”

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The puppy’s owner eventually came out of her house after realising Pierogi had jumped over the gate to get in on the action.

The report ended when the presenter suggested Mr Barnard should set up a play date with Pierogi and his own dog, Meredith.

Dog’s crashing news broadcasts have become more common as some journalists had to report from home during lockdown.

Last year, Fox 13 reporter Paul Dellegatto was presenting the weather from his home when his dog, Brody, continuously interrupted his segment.

As the politician was speaking about Covid restrictions, his young son, Adam, opened the door behind him and walked in.

Sky host Kimberley Leonard said: “Your son is behind you. Good morning.”

Mr Tugendhat encouraged his child to leave, promising to do face-painting with him later.

Ms Leonard jokingly asked if he would be doing the face-painting, but the politician said that it was “beyond his skill set”. 

As the MP tried to continue with the interview, he was interrupted yet again, this time by his daughter, Beatrice.

Ms Leonard laughed: “Oh there’s another one!’

Again, the pair tried to keep the interview going, but  his children kept talking and then started to jump on the bed in the room too.’

The MP said flustered: “I’m terribly sorry, we’ve now got jumping on the bed.”

At this point, Ms Leonard said they would just have to leave the interview there.

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