I have the best husband in the world but I still love flirting with other men


DEAR DEIDRE: THERE is no doubt I have the best husband in the world, yet when guys flirt with me I have to flirt back.

I am 25, got pregnant at 16 and had two babies within two years. It was hard work but my boyfriend and I married and were very happy.

I get irritated by my husband
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Last year I went back to school to finish my studies. I met new people and loved it. When I graduated and found my first job I also made new friends. We go bar-hopping, to parties and like to flirt.

My husband is 26 and so nice to me. He takes care of me and our kids, yet I get irritated with him. I will never leave him but fear he might one day leave me because of the way I behave.

DEIDRE SAYS: You had to grow up quickly when you became a mum at 16. Although you have a great relationship with your husband, you missed out on being young, free and single. Going back to school let you replay your teens.

You have changed through education and work, and your relationship with your husband has too. To keep your marriage fresh and alive you need to grow as a couple and put some effort into having fun together as well as being parents.

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