'I just wish I’d spotted what he was up to': Veteran journalist Michael Crick on the web of lies from murderer Ben Field


But Crick was unsettled by the call. “It was almost as if they were mocking him. I felt very uncomfortable about it,” he said.

“Peter was a good writer, but he was hardly Charles Dickens. I thought they might be taking him for a ride.”

The documentary came to nothing, but soon he received another call. This time the news was more concerning.

“He said that Peter was in a really bad way and that he had a drink problem. He told me that Peter was becoming forgetful, and leaving his phone in the freezer,” Crick said.

“I spoke to Peter, and he said he would go to get tested for dementia. I said I’d come round to see him, but I never got round to it. Obviously I regret that now.

“You have to wonder if it was part of a softening up process. We were being prepared for the possibility that Peter might die of alcohol poisoning. And it worked on me, I’m afraid.”

Not long afterwards, Crick was informed that Mr Farquhar had indeed died. 

Crick said he was told that Field had bought a bottle of whisky and Mr Farquar had drunk too much of it and had died.


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