I let my homeless best friend move in — and she STOLE my husband like Khloe Kardashian scandal


WHEN it was reported last week that Kylie Jenner’s best pal cheated with the boyfriend of Kylie’s sister Khloe Kardashian, it seemed the ultimate betrayal.

The apparent affair between model Jordyn Woods and basketball star Tristan Thompson was also heartbreakingly familiar for care worker Krissie Stride.

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Krissie’s husband left her for her best friend[/caption]

Krissie let best friend Beth Furini move into the home she shared with husband Calum Duffy — but her kindness led to the collapse of her own marriage.

Just one month after opening her door, Calum, AGE/JOB t/c, declared he no longer wanted to be with her.

And one week later, the reason for the split became clear when Beth left the home too and it was announced on Facebook that she and Calum were an item. They have since had a child together.

Heartbroken Krissie, 22, says: “When my pal was kicked out by her landlord I had no idea my kind suggestion of offering her my sofa would end with my marriage imploding.

Olivia West – The Sun

Calum Duffy and Beth Furini moved in together a month after she moved into Krissie’s house[/caption]

“I know exactly how Kylie and Khloe must feel. It really is the most incredible betrayal.

“I’d given Beth a place to stay when she was down on her luck, then she’d moved into my house and in on my husband.

“Calum and Beth are now engaged and have recently had a baby girl together.”

Krissie, who got married in September 2016, says: “It was the happiest day of my life marrying Calum. We’d met on Tinder in April 2016 and when I saw him in the flesh for the first time I thought he was gorgeous.

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A week ago it was reported Kylie’s best friend Jordyn Woods cheated with her sister’s boyfriend[/caption]

“He whisked me off my feet and within a few weeks he told me that he loved me.

“Calum proposed following a holiday to the Greek island of Zante in the August. I was stunned but said yes.

“It felt completely right. As we exchanged our vows in front of our family and friends, I was on cloud nine.”

In 2017 Krissie met nightclub hostess Beth, AGE, when they worked in the same bar.

Olivia West – The Sun

Krissie only found out about their relationship on Facebook[/caption]

Krissie says: “We quickly became firm friends. We enjoyed boozy nights out together and I told her everything, including the ins and outs of my marriage.

“She got on well with both me and Calum, and it wasn’t long before I was inviting her around to stay at our house regularly.

“She’d always comment that we were lucky to have each other. I thought she was right.”

In August 2017, Beth had to leave her rented flat as it had a damp problem.

Olivia West – The Sun

Calum explains he was too young when he married Krissie[/caption]

Krissie says: “She had nowhere to stay, so I offered our sofa. We felt sorry for Beth and agreed she could stay for as long as she needed.

“I was looking forward to spending more time with her, watching films together and enjoying quality girl time.

“But after the first week, the novelty started to wear off with us all living in the marital home.

“One night, I came home from work to find Calum and Beth on the sofa together, watching something on his phone.

Olivia West – The Sun

Now Calum Duffy and Beth Furini have had a child[/caption]

“I stood awkwardly in the doorway for a few seconds until Calum jumped up to give me a hug. I told him I was going to bed, but he just stayed downstairs with Beth.

“From then on I’d often walk in on the pair roaring with laughter, only for it to fall quiet when I joined them.

“Calum even insisted on taking Beth out for night-time drives, while I went to bed alone.

“I questioned him about it, and he insisted they were just friends. Beth just laughed if I ever said anything.”

Olivia West – The Sun

A month into the temporary living arrangement Calum dropped the bombshell he was living Krissie[/caption]

A month into the temporary living arrangement Calum dropped the bombshell he was leaving Krissie.

She recalls: “He said he didn’t love me any more. With that, he turned and walked out of my life. I was devastated. It had come out of nowhere.

“Beth was my rock. I spent hours crying to her, figuring out a way to make my marriage work.”

A week after Calum’s departure, Beth announced her flat was ready for her to move back in.

Olivia West – The Sun

Krissie explains how she was heartbroken and went to Beth for help on how to make her marriage work[/caption]

Krissie says: “Our sofa had always been a temporary thing, but something didn’t stack up. A few days later, my worst fears were confirmed.

“I checked Facebook only to see the pair had announced they were in a relationship.

“I felt sick and fired a message to Beth to ask if it was true.

“Beth confirmed she was with Calum and said that she didn’t want to tell me because she didn’t want us to fall out.

Olivia West – The Sun

Krissie says she would think twice before helping a friend next time[/caption]

“She said they were in love and that she hoped we could remain friends. I couldn’t believe her cheek. As for Calum, he was dead to me in that moment.

“I’ve found out from mutual friends they’ve just had a baby and I am now filing for divorce. The whole thing is heartbreaking.”

Single Krissie, who lives in Plymouth, adds: “Their betrayal broke my heart, I’ll think twice before helping a friend in the future.”

Calum says: “I got married at a very young age, but I believe everything happens for a reason.

“If I had never got married to Krissie then I would have never met Beth. I felt really bad when I broke up with Krissie but since then I’ve been nothing but nice to her.

“I’m much happier with Beth, she’s exactly like me. We share the same sense of humour.”

Beth says: “I’m sorry for Krissie that it didn’t work out for them. I tried to get them back together.

“Before jumping straight into a relationship with Calum I wanted to make sure it’s what he really wanted.”


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