I met my toyboy husband by texting the wrong number – but strangers think I’m his MUM because of our 30-year age gap


FOR most people, accidentally texting the wrong number is a toe-curling encounter.

But it was a blessing in disguise for 59-year-old business woman Kasey Bergh, who managed to land herself a toyboy husband 30 years her junior.

Kasey Bergh, 59, met toyboy husband Henry Gendening, 29, when she accidentally texted the wrong number
Strangers often mistake Kasey for Henry’s mum because of the 30-year age gap

Seven years ago, in July 2012, Kasey mistakenly asked Henry Gendening, 29, if he’d “like to hang out” that night, thinking he was her colleague.

American Kasey was on a business trip in Denver and her message intrigued Henry – who replied: “Sorry you’ve got the wrong number.

“But if I wasn’t headed to work I’d be down to hang” with a suggestive winky face.

The couple struck up a conversation and texted for a week, before agreeing to meet up at a gig for 90s rock band Third Eye Blind.

Their early texts are framed in their home
Henry recently donated Kasey a kidney

Kasey told KDSK: “Halfway through the concert, he was standing behind me and put his hands on my hips.

And I could have been a woman that said ‘Hey, I’m older than you. Don’t you put your hands on me.’

“But I just was like, ‘oh, well this is interesting’.”

The couple eventually married, moving in together in St Louis, Missouri, and have a framed print out of their text messages on the wall at home.

But the relationship isn’t without it challenges – with people often mistaking them for mum and son.

Her husband is ‘a perfect immunological match’

Henry said: “On Mother’s Day one year we’re at the hardware store and the cashier remarks ‘it’s so nice of you to be helping your mother on a day like today’.

“Of course I step into clarify ‘she’s not my mum, this is my wife’.”

But Kasey insists they’ve never faced backlash over the age gap, saying: “If anybody had an opinion, nobody ever shared it with us.”

The couple are so in love that Henry even donated his wife a kidney, when her previous 1995 transplant started to fail.

Kasey said: “He just stepped up like a hero”, explaining her husband was “a perfect immunological match”.

But Kasey said the relationship is no “fairytale”, adding: “This is hard. We’re a work in progress and we have worked and worked.”

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