Imperial College professor issues 'grovelling apology' for promoting articles questioning transgender lobby


A Vice Provost at Imperial College London was left issuing a “grovelling apology” for sharing articles which questioned the transgender lobby on social media.

Prof Simone Buitendijk, Imperial’s Vice Provost of Education, apologised for causing “hurt or anxiety” after students noticed she was sharing articles and liking pages on Twitter that they said were “transphobic”.

More than 80 students signed a letter urging her and the college to “publicly respond” to their concerns. Prof Buitendijk then vowed to “stop all engagement” with the accounts the students took issue with.

One accusation related to her following the account Transgender Trend, a group that describes themselves as a parent support network “concerned about the current trend to diagnose children as transgender”.

The group’s founder, Stephanie Davies-Arai, refuted claims that they were transphobic, adding: “The students found out she was following our page on Twitter and that she liked some of out tweets. It looks like they were monitoring her account.


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