Incredible app Bye Bye Camera deletes strangers and tourists from your holiday snaps


IF you’ve ever had a nice photo ruined by strangers in the background then you’re in luck as a new app called Bye Bye Camera can effortlessly remove these people for you.

The app is currently available in the App Store for £2.99 but is not yet available on Android.

Here you can see an image that hasn’t been edited
This is what the erased version looks like

Artist Damjanski created the software, using a facial recognition algorithm called YOLO (You Only Look Once).

On the App Store the app’s description states: “The Bye Bye Camera app is the camera for the post-human era.

“Every picture you take automatically removes any person. Finally you can take a selfie without yourself.”

The software designer has admitted that the app can be “slow” and can leave a smear of pixels.

Apple App Store

The app currently doesn’t have a very high rating but the artist behind it doesn’t seem to mind[/caption]

This is probably why the app doesn’t currently have a very high rating on the app store.

Although the app may not be perfect yet it is definitely taking an impressive step forward into the world of futuristic photography.

Damjanski told The Verge that he quite likes the fact that the app is still a bit messy.

He added: “We’re thinking about a future where humanity is no longer around. One of the things I really enjoy is that the app takes out humans, but it keeps their shadows.”

How the Bye Bye Camera app works

  • The app uses similar AI tools to those used in facial recognition technology
  • It identifies unwanted people in the background using an object detection algorithm
  • It then uses a seperate tool to fill in the space behind and match it to the rest of the background
  • This tool is being dubbed as “context-aware fill”

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