Incredible moment hero lad, 17, CATCHES two-year-old girl who fell out of open second floor window while her mum was cooking


A TODDLER has been dramatically saved after plummeting from a two-storey-high apartment window – straight into the arms of a hero teen.

Video footage shows the heart-stopping moment Feuzi Zabaat, 17, lurches forward in the street and manages to catch the falling tot, with just centimetres to spare.

CCTV shows Doha, 2, falling straight into the hands of eagle-eyed teen Feuzi Zabaat in Istanbul, Turkey

The Demirören news agency in Turkey said that the two-year-old girl, Doha Muhammad, survived the fall in Fatih, Istanbul, “without even bleeding”.

She had apparently wandered to the window while her mum was busy cooking.

In the agency’s footage of the incident, obtained from nearby security cameras, Feuzi, who works in a frame manufacturing workshop, can be seen in shorts and a yellow t-shirt standing in the road, while other kids chat on the footpath nearby.

He suddenly looks up, and notices the toddler balancing precariously on the window above him.

Striding towards the path, the teen leaps forward with his arms stretched out and – amazingly – manages to catch her.

While he clutches the shocked child, another man dashes over the road to help him, collecting the girl’s clothes which had fallen onto the street through the force of the fall.

As a small crowd gathers around them, the boy then gently rocks Doha to calm her down as she starts crying.

Demirören said that after Doha’s mum retrieved her child, her very grateful husband, Joseph Muhammed, paid Feuzi for saving his daughter’s life, and praised him for being a hero.

The teen told the agency when he caught her “in the air”, he held on to her as he had done “what was necessary for the love of Allah”.

Window framer Feuzi Zabaat lurches forwards with his arms out to catch the little girl
As a crowd gathers in the street, the hero carries the saved child – who is crying – back to her mum
Doha fell from the 2nd storey of the apartment block where she lives with her family in Turkey
Feuzi Zabaat, left, spoke to Demirören news agency about rescuing Doha
Her relieved family paid the teen 200 Turkish Lira to thank the boy




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