India and Pakistan trade GUNFIRE as nuke-armed nations prepare for WAR


“Given the weapons we have, can we afford miscalculation?”

Imran Khan

The US, China and other world powers urged restraint from the two hated enemies as tensions flare following tit-for-tat airstrikes in the aftermath of a suicide car bombing that killed 40 Indian paramilitary police in Kashmir. 

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, called for restraint hours after his nation captured an Indian pilot. 

He said: “History tells us that wars are full of miscalculation. 

“My question is that given the weapons we have, can we afford miscalculation. 

“We should sit down and talk.” 

Pakistan shut its airspace forcing planes into the country to reroute. 

Thai Airways International also announced on Thursday it had cancelled flights to Pakistan and Europe, leaving thousands of passengers stranded in Bangkok. 

Pakistani and Indian troops briefly shot at each other in Poonch – an area in Kashmir under Indian control – according to the Indian army. 

The firing, which India claimed was started by Pakistan began shortly after 6am local time (12.30am), lasted a little over an hour.

There were no reported casualties. 

India has since announced it is building 14,000 bunkers for families living along its border with Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir state, hoping to keep them safe near their homes instead of evacuating them during artillery fire. 

The White House in the US has urged both sides to “take immediate stops to deescalate the situation”. 

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement he had spoken to both nations’ foreign ministers and urged them to “prioritise direct communication and avoid further military activity”. 

Pakistan and India have fought three wars since independence from British colonial rule in 1947, two over Kashmir, and went to the brink of a fourth in 2002 after Pakistani militants attacked India’s parliament.


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