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India fury erupts: 'Boycott China' demands after horror border slaughter sparks WW3 fears


Indian demonstrators attempted to march on the Chinese embassy to protest China on Wednesday but were stopped by Delhi police. Times Now host Preeti Dahiya explained tensions were bubbling over in India as citizens were outraged at the spread of coronavirus in their country and the military action taken by China at their border. Ms Dahiya said: “The boycott China chorus is gaining momentum in various parts of the country.

“It began a couple of weeks ago on social media where everyone was asking people to boycott products that are made in China.

“Today pictures have just come in of police attempting to control protesters who were putting up anti-China posters.”

She added police were currently attempting to put up barriers outside the Chinese embassy as more protesters were expected.

Ms Dahiya cut to Sherine Elizabeth who was reporting the current unrest outside the Chinese embassy.

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Ms Elizabeth said: “Around five to six people managed to reach here.

“Only a few of them managed to arrive right outside the Chinese embassy.

“You can see the deployments of security that has been beefed up outside the Chinese embassy ahead of this particular protest.

“After a few of the protesters reached here they were all beaten by the Delhi police.”

“That was their particular demand but all of them were detained within minutes from the Chinese embassy.

“The security outside the Chinese embassy has since been beefed up.

“There are Delhi police in large numbers because a number of organisations are calling for protests.

“Nationwide protests is what we are seeing in addition to the boycotting of Chinese goods.”


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