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India v China: Indians MOCK China's 'Tik-Tok Army' of sleeping soldiers


The short film was posted on Twitter by China’s state-run daily the Global Times. It shows group of Chinese troopers sleeping with their guns suddenly jumping into action when they feel their weapons are being snatched.

The footage, which has a TikTok watermark in the lower right corner, features a caption which says: “Even asleep with exhaustion after intensive training, they won’t allow anybody to take their guns away.

“This is what guns mean to Chinese soldiers.”

Indians, who were enraged by the deaths of 20 soldiers in brutal border clashes with Chinese People’s Liberation Army troops, were quick to pour scorn on the video on social media.

One mocked the Chinese soldiers for “over-acting” and described them as the TikTok Army.

Another bemused Twitter user said: “Even a random tiktok star can make better video than this in Bharat.”

And another tweeted: “China’s People’s Theatre Group At Work. Global Times You need some hard work on these $1 per day actors.”

Last week’s bloody clashes in the disputed Galwan Valley sparked a wave of anti-Chinese protests across India.th a stronger adversary.

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Chinese flags and pictures of President Xi Jinping were set alight and Chinese-manufactured products were destroyed.

The protesters were spurred on by high-profile politicians calling for a boycott of Chinese products although experts said it would be difficult for New Delhi to suddenly cut trade and economic links with its neighbour.

Opposition leaders, former generals and diplomats have criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for failing to protect Indian lives and territory.

Many have led the calls for a ban on importing Chinese goods.

One senior diplomat said the brutal border clashes will prove to be a “turning point” in relations.

Nirupama Rao, who served as India’s ambassador to China between 2006 to 2009,

said: “This is definitely a turning point in the bilateral relations, but I wouldn’t call it a breaking point.”

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said India stands behind Mr Modi but warned he must bear responsibility.ilitary conflict wi

A strident nationalist, Mr Modi was elected to a second five-year term in May 2019 following a campaign focused on national security after spiralling tensions with Pakistan on India’s western border.

He is now under immense pressure from the opposition and media to respond strongly to China.

Analysts predict Mr Modi’s administration will employ economic measures against China to placate public pressure instead of risking military conflict with a stronger adversary.


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