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India v Pakistan war averted? Bomb squad find car full with 45kg of explosives near border


Police and intelligence officials intercepted a vehicle laden with explosives in Pulwama, South Kashmir on Wednesday. A convey of police officers tracked and opened fire at suspects in a car and upon inspection officials found the vehicle had been equipped with up to 45kg of explosives.

The suspects managed to flee the scene but it is feared the plan had similarities to a 2019 attack in Pulwama.

Last year a suicide bomber drove a vehicle into a police convey killing more than 400 members of the Central Reserve Police Force.

Inspector General of Police Vijay Kumar said: “The security forces opened fire.

“The driver managed to escape, leaving behind the car laden with IED.

“We got intelligence about a possible attack.

“We were looking for a vehicle with IED since yesterday.”

Mr Kumar claimed the security forces were the intended target of the blast.

He added: “The terrorist intended to target vehicles of security forces.

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Director General of Police Dilbag Singh said: “It was kept under watch for the night.

“People in nearby houses were evacuated and the vehicle was destroyed on site by the bomb disposal squad as moving it would have been a serious threat.”

The disputed region of Kashmir has been at the centre of a decade-long quarrel between India and Pakistan.

India and Pakistan have engaged in two brutal conflicts over Kashmir and relations were strained again in 2019, when New Delhi withdrew the autonomy of the Kashmir region in 2019.

The controversial move split Kashmir into territories federally administered by India.

Until then, it had had autonomy over all matters except defence, communications and foreign affairs.

Earlier this month, police officials said Indian troops had killed four militants in gun battles in Kashmir, including the commander of the biggest separatist group fighting New Delhi.

Around 30 protestors were also injured in the violent clashes.


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