Inside tortured Fadi Fawaz’s rollercoaster life from war-torn poverty to George Michael’s mansions


FROM standing on his roof and throwing things into his neighbours’ gardens to sleeping on the balcony and smashing windows – George Michael’s lover Fadi Fawaz’s behaviour over the past few months has become increasingly erratic.

And now, a friend of Fadi – who was arrested last week – says he has been left a broken man since his George’s death, describing his state of mind as “awful.”

“He’s bonkers. He’s throwing himself around,” the pal told Sun Online.

“He hasn’t been coping well with George’s death at all. He’s still heartbroken.

“Fadi thinks that George’s family hate him, they want him out of the house, and that they also think he was part and parcel to George’s death. That’s why Fadi is in so much pain over it all.”

George and Fadi holiday on a private yacht in 2012

The police questioned 46-year-old Fadi after he wrecked George’s £5million London mansion amid fears he was being evicted – although the singer’s family denied they were throwing him out.

Jobless, debt-ridden and “squatting” in the Regent’s Park house, Fadi’s life is now a far cry from his glamorous days with Wham superstar George, who he met in 2009.

The couple had divided their time between George’s three luxury homes, including his Regent’s Park mansion, £18million pile in Highgate and his 16th century cottage in Goring-on-Thames, where his body was found.

Fadi Fawaz and George Michael first met in 2009
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Leaving war-torn home for life of poverty in Brisbane

But Fadi wasn’t accustomed to a life of luxury.

The humble house in Brisbane where Fadi grew up

Born in war-torn Lebanon, Fadi moved to the notoriously dangerous and underprivileged area of Logan Central, in Brisbane, Australia, when he was a child.

The suburb has a population of just under 6,000 and one of the highest crime rates in the region.

Fadi’s childhood home was a modest one storey house which he shared with mum Nada and his older brother Nabil, now a hairdresser in Amsterdam.

With unemployment rates in Logan at nearly twice the Australian average, Fadi left in his twenties to pursue a career in hairdressing in Sydney.

Devastated by Boyzone singer’s death

His talent grew quickly and he became renowned as one of the top hairdressers in the city within just a few years.

He then took a leap and moved to London, where he built up a portfolio of celebrity clients including Girls Aloud singers, The Pussycat Dolls and actress Emily Blunt.

Fadi was said to be devastated by the Boyzone singer’s death
George and Fadi in Sydney in 2016, months before the singer’s death
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He was also a personal stylist to Katherine Jenkins, and featured in the music video for her 2009 track Rejoice.

But despite his celebrity client list, our source says he was far from fame-hungry.

“He wanted to be known as being a good hairdresser and build his reputation doing what he loved, and he had a PR who was trying to build his profile,” he says.

“Even when he started dating George, he didn’t act differently – he came across as a hard-working hairdresser and then obviously with more famous clients when he became known.”

Fadi worked as a model in his twenties, as well as training to be a hairdresser
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He became friends with Boyzone’s Stephen Gateley, and was said to be devastated by his death. 

Stephen’s heart stopped due to sudden adult death syndrome during a party at a flat in Majorca in 2009.

He posted a photo of the pair of them together two years later and poignantly wrote: “Wish you were still with us.”

Porn star past 

While he has always strenuously denied it, Fadi was said to have enjoyed a brief career in the porn industry when he moved to Europe.
He’s regularly labelled an ‘ex-porn star’  – and reports speculated he starred in a German flick called Matchmaker, under the name Isaac Mazar.
Fadi had a successful career as a model in Australia
His friend claims that, before meeting George, Fadi had talked openly about his involvement in porn.

“Fadi was always quite a happy-go-lucky kind of guy,” he says.

“He was a hairdresser when I met him and we had an instant connection as friends.

George and Fadi holiday on a private yacht in 2012

“He didn’t party especially hard, but he was very sexual and he was open about the fact that he had also done porn.

“He was very sexually adventurous and proud of his body and looks. Confident, but also funny and friendly.”

At one point during their relationship, George’s Highgate home was secretly used to shoot porn films while the couple were away in 2011 and 2012.

However, there was no suggestion Fadi had any involvement in providing access to the house.

A “complicated” relationship as George battled addiction

Fadi and George met in 2012, shortly after the Careless Whisper star split from longterm partner Kenny Goss.
“George and Fadi’s meeting was very circumstantial,” says his pal. “George massively fancied Fadi, and had seen his porn videos and wanted more from him.
“It’s no secret that George was also very sexually adventurous and had a habit of visiting gay cruising areas in London and elsewhere.
“Fadi certainly didn’t go chasing after George, they both had a mutual connection and loved each other.”
They kept the romance under wraps as much as possible, rarely being pictured in public, and behind closed doors their relationship was “massively stormy.”
Rows were triggered by George’s battle with drug addiction and the fact that many of his inner circle disliked his lover.
Fadi travelled the world by George’s side and enjoyed the high life

“They would have rows like every couple does, but they were fiery and there was a lot of passion between them,” says our source.

“Certain people in George’s circle didn’t like him, pop singer Boy George wasn’t a fan of Fadi, and felt that he wasn’t right for George.”

Fadi himself admitted they had a “very complicated” relationship but insisted they were passionately in love.
The house in Goring in Berkshire, where George Michael was found dead in 2016
Jon Bond – The Sun

In May 2013, George sustained a head injury after falling from a moving car on the M1, near St Albans and two years later, Fadi was by the singer’s side as he checked in to a rehab clinic in Switzerland.

On Christmas day, the pair were due to have lunch together when Fadi discovered the star dead at his Goring-on-Thames home.

After spending almost an hour trying to revive him, the distraught hairstylist finally called the emergency services and told them: “He’s gone. He’s blue. He’s gone.”

‘Dirty, nasty money’

Even after his death, Fadi’s “complicated” relationship with the singer continued to haunt him.
Family members claimed George had tried to split with Fadi for 18 months before he died but said the “vulnerable” singer “never stood his ground”.
Reportedly banned from the wake by George’s family, he was left destitute when he found he had been left none of the £98million fortune that had once funded his lifestyle.
Fadi at the Regent’s Park home where he is staying, despite family objections
Chris Eades – The Sun

In August 2018, he tweeted: “George I hate you.”

He also claimed his lover had taken his own life – although the coroner ruled that he died of natural causes.

In July 2018, he posted: “How can I be disappointed if someone ended their own life.

“If they can do that to themselves they can do worse to others”

He was slammed by fans for trying to sell George’s possessions and in September, he reportedly claimed he had been prevented from seeing his “dying” mum because “George Michael thought it’s OK for these powerful people to come into my life and take control of every aspect of my life.

He added: “The world turned into a nasty horrible world and they think it’s OK because in the end I will be rewarded with his money that is – in my eyes – a dirty nasty money that I wouldn’t wipe my ass with knowing what happened in order to get it.

“This money disgusts me, it makes me sick and I will teach everyone a lesson about money. ”

Followers begged him to check in to a mental health clinic as his Twitter and Instagram rants became increasingly bitter and hate-filled.

In one, to an unspecified enemy, he wrote: “I wish you would lose your kids and loved one in the most horrible nasty way from the bottom of my heart. You are nasty piece of s***.”

Fadi is arrested at the Regent’s Park home
Peter Jordan

Today the 46-year-old cuts a sad figure living a “nocturnal and reclusive” life, according to his neighbours, and rarely leaving the house.

And he is living in constant fear of eviction, as George’s family now all of his properties.

“George’s family would throw Fadi out the house if they had the chance,” says his friend. “George was in a bad place when he died, doing a lot of drugs – but Fadi wasn’t part of that.

“In terms of drug taking, Fadi was a good influence on George and tried to stop him doing all these crazy things. But George did them anyway, to his detriment and to his death. But that’s not on Fadi, and the family should have more compassion for him.”

Reports say he has run up thousands in debt and, after “trashing” the London house, smashing glass doors and wall veneers, neighbours claim he has been forced to sleep on the balcony as the home is “uninhabitable”.

Fadi’s friends have said he is looking at ways to contest George’s will, believing he is entitled to live the lavish lifestyle the singer’s fortune once funded.

According to senior solicitor Edward Powell, of Attwells, Fadi may have a claim if he can prove the couple lived in the same “household” for two years before George died.

“It is important to note the definition refers to same ‘household’ and not the same ‘house’,” he adds.  “With Mr Michael owning several properties and having international commitments it could be possible to show they lived in one household even if they spent time living in separate properties.”

Alternatively, he could have a claim if he can prove that he was “financially dependent” on the singer and that reasonable provision should be made for him.

However, Edward warns that his recent behaviour could count against him.

“Reports of Mr Fawaz smashing up Mr Michael’s home, if true, could well influence a Court whether to make an award,” he says.  “The Courts have a wide discretion to take into account the conduct of the parties.”

A sad postscript to a romance which once promised a ticket out of a poverty-stricken background and a secure future.


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