Instagram vows to remove content that encourages eating disorders such as anorexia after being challenged by health secretary 


Instagram has agreed to remove content promoting eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia after being challenged by the Health Secretary. 

Matt Hancock today hosted a round table with social media companies to discuss online harms including suicide, eating disorders and anti-vaccination messages. 

Instagram, the image sharing app, said it is taking action to remove harmful content which encourages eating disorders in vulnerable teenagers.

The tech companies also agreed to pay the Samaritans hundreds of thousands of pounds to help them remove content promoting suicide. 

Mr Hancock told Sky News: “I feel the tech companies are starting to get the message, they’re starting to take action – but there’s much more to do. 

“Today the meeting was called to be about the promotion of self-harm and suicide material, but we also spoke about tackling eating disorders and some anti-vaccination messages which are so important to tackle to ensure they do not get prevalance online.”


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