Ireland in uproar after WORST pint of Guinness ever at Dublin Airport


IRELAND is in uproar after a picture of the worst pint of Guinness ever was shared.

Many took to Twitter to apologise on behalf of the nation after a woman was served an absolutely shocking pint of Guinness at Dublin Airport.

The woman was left unimpressed after receiving the disgraceful looking pint – and who could blame her, with what looks like almost two inches of head.

Kelly J, the unfortunate recipient, took to Twitter to air he disgust.

She said: “Err Dublin Airport, sort it out. I was offended that they even gave it to me.”


APPALLED: Emma couldn’t believe her eyes when she received the monstrosity (Pic: @Little_Blue84/Twitter)

Botched pints of Guinness are usually seen abroad, so this one has caused quite a stir on the Emerald Isle.

Peter Golden was so shocked by the criminal amount of head on the pint that he apologised on behalf of the whole city.

He said: “Omg Kelly, I apologise on behalf of Dublin!!”

Another man took things even further when he suggested that the pourer of the pint should get the book.

PARIAH: Pints of Guinness this bad are rarely seen on the Emerald Isle (Pic: @Little_Blue84/Twitter)


Alfred Reid said: “I would sack the person who served this. What a disgrace as a former professional Bartender there is no way we would send a pint out to a customer like that.”

It remains unclear whether the guilty barman has been found and reprimanded.


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