Is Sinead Tinker going to die in Coronation Street, what type of cancer does she have and how is baby Bertie?


SINEAD Tinker was put in a devastating position when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, shortly after discovering she was pregnant.

Here’s the lowdown on the terrible situation…

Fans have watched as Sinead Tinker battles cervical cancer

Will Sinead Tinker die of cervical cancer in Coronation Street?

Sinead was advised to terminate the pregnancy and start chemotherapy straight away.

But after being told the treatment would leave her unable to conceive naturally again, Sinead decided to carry on with the pregnancy.

Since then she’s given birth to a baby boy that she and partner Daniel Osbourne named Bertie.

She had an emergency c-section after doctors realised her cancer was spreading quite fast.

Sinead then began intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy in a bid to get rid of the cancer once and for all.

But fans of Corrie still don’t know whether the young mum has beaten the disease.

Actress Katie McGlynn who has played the character for six years said: “It could be my exit storyline – I don’t know yet.

“It’s a long rocky road and I don’t know where it’ll end.”

What type of cancer does Sinead Tinker have?

Sinead has been fighting cervical cancer.

The early stages of this type of cancer usually don’t have any symptoms, but as the disease progresses symptoms can include vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain or pain when having sex.

Cervical cancer is most often seen in women aged 30-45 but can affect any age group.

It’s important to keep up with regular cervical smear tests which can detect any changes in the cells of the cervix which could become cancerous.

How is baby Bertie?

Bertie was delivered prematurely and had a problem with his bowel when he was born.

Dad Daniel was terrified he was going to lose both Sinead and his newborn son.

Bertie’s spent a lot of time in hospital as he grows and has his bowel operated on.

But now he’s allowed home it looks like the tot is out of the woods.



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