Is The Durrells on ITV a true story, and which year is the drama with Keeley Hawes set in?


THE Durrells is back for its fourth and final series – but is the show based on a true story?

We take you through facts vs fiction when it comes to the adorable family and the even more adorable show.

The Durrells are back for series four

Is The Durrells based on a true story?

The show is based on the book My Family and Other Animals written by the youngest of the Durrell family, Gerald – affectionately known as Gerry.

Let us take you through the true story of The Durrells.

The series is based on a true story

Heading to Corfu

Louisa Durrell, her husband and their four kids were all born in India during the British Raj.

Mr Durrell – who was a Travelling engineer – died in 1928, so Louisa took the three youngest (Leslie, Margo and Gerald) to England where they tried to get by on a widow’s pension.

Eldest son Lawrence had already been sent to a boarding school in England to be educated.

By 1935 Lawrence was living in Corfu with his first wife Nancy.

This is where the series differs, as on the show Larry is single and enjoys a string of luscious ladies.

He also goes out to Corfu with his family.

In real life his mother, sister and brothers arrived to join him on the island that year.

The show is based on Gerald Durrells book My Family and Other Animals
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Life on the island

Gerry, fascinated by animals began to collect and keep local wildlife as pets – in later years, once he was back in England, he would own his own zoo.

He was home-schooled and allowed to run wild around the island.

The young boy also found a friend and mentor in the Greek doctor, scientist, poet and philosopher Theodore Stephanides.

The two explored the island together, accompanied by Theodore’s young daughter Alexia

All of this happens on the show as well, apart from Theo having a daughter.

The real Durrells also really did eat their dinner on a table in the sea

The family really did eat their dinner in the sea

Going home to face World war II

The Durrells left Corfu in 1939, when the outbreak of World War II forced most of the family to return to England for safety.

As the series hasn’t aired yet, we are yet to see how this will play out on screen.

Callum Woodhouse, who plays Leslie, told“We’re still sort of a bit blissfully ignorant, I guess you could say.”

You can read the full lowdown on the REAL Durrell family here.

The show is set from 1935 to 1939
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When is The Durrells set?

The first series of the show was set in 1935.

The show has moved slowly through the years, in order for it to last longer

Series four is set from 1938 and will end in 1939.

When is The Durrells next on TV?

The second episode of The Durrells season four will air this Sunday (April 14, 2019) at 8pm.

This series will run for six episodes.

Unfortunately, this will be the final series of the hit show

You can watch episode one now on the ITV Hub and view seasons one and two on Netflix.



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