Isil recruiter Sally Jones killed 'days after Manchester bombing'


Sally Jones, the British Islamic State recruiter known as the White Widow, and her teenage son were killed in Western strikes possibly in retaliation for the Manchester bombing, according to a fellow UK jihadist.  

Alexanda Kotey, a member of “the Beatles” gang of British torturers, said that Jones and her son Jojo were killed on May 25, 2017, three days after the suicide bombing at the Manchester Arena killed 22 people. 

“There was a building that was shelled, she lived in the building. It was shelled following the incident in Manchester, which I believe was a retaliation,” Kotey told ITV News. 

“There were families in the building, it was a government building. Forty people were dead as a result… including Sally Jones and her son”.

The fate of Jones, a punk rock singer-turned jihadist, has always been murky and there have been several reports that Jojo had in fact survived the strike which killed his mother. 


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