Italian princesses's claim for share of British art collector's £800m fortune backed by DNA


She is the Italian Princess who for 25 years has fought to receive a share of one of the world’s most treasured art collections after claiming her mother was the secret love child of a famed British aesthete.

Now, Dialta Orlandi is poised to inherit a large slice of an estate thought to be worth up to £800 million, containing both the superb 6,000-piece collection and an exquisite Florentine villa, after DNA results confirmed she is the grand-daughter of Arthur Acton.

The bitter legal feud began after Arthur’s son, Sir Harold Acton, an art connoisseur born in Italy, died childless aged 89 in 1994. 

The avowedly homosexual philanthropist, immortalised as the stuttering Anthony Blanche in Evelyn…


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