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It's over! EU told Dutch, French and Spanish fisheries to be ‘finished’ by no deal Brexit


The Conservative MP for Great Grimsby, Lia Nici, told Express.co.uk the UK needs to work cleverly with other countries who need UK fishing waters such as Spain, France, and the Netherlands. Ms Nici also warned a no deal Brexit could finish off some European countries’ fishing industries.   

Ms Nici said: “Well obviously, UK fishing waters are very important to the Spanish, French, Dutch in particular for our waters.

“We don’t want to be in a situation where we are finishing off their industry.

“We need to work cleverly together.”

She added: “I don’t think it is going to be helpful if we are trying to negotiate for a positive deal to scare the EU.

“Obviously, we are now a sovereign state, the reality is if we want to and we walk away from any deal we could take all of our fishing around our waters and our quotas and start from scratch.

“That would be devastating for the European fishing fleet.

“Obviously, we want to make sure we get back more of our quota and we want it to be fair.”

She continued: “Obviously, if we go away with no deal then what that could mean is that we take everything back overnight and that would devastate the European fishing industry.

The Conservative MP stated there will be red lines regarding UK fisheries during negotiations over a post-Brexit trade agreement and added the UK wants to be able to decide who can and cannot fish in British waters. 

Ms Nici said: “We do have red lines with our fisheries and coming from the Great Grimsby constituency that is absolutely vital for us.

“We want our quotas back, we want to be able to decide where our quotas go and who may or may not fish in our waters.

“I am sure there are ways and means of doing that which will work for everyone.”


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