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ITV GMB's Dr Hilary warns of 'very concerning' brain fog side-effect of COVID-19

The ITV Good Morning Britain contributor said patients have been reporting difficulties with their thinking process months after recovering from the coronavirus. Dr Hilary Jones said the symptom, known as “brain fog”, was a “very concerning” addition to the list of COVID-19 after effects. People experiencing the symptom described it as a “crippling” inability to think clearly and keeping them from going through their days.

A new Imperial College London-led study of questionnaires answers from 85,000 coronavirus patients sparked concerns of long-term cognitive impacts similar to the lasting effects the brain suffers after microbleeds or strokes.

The research team found that brain damage occurred to varying degrees based on the severity of the disease.

Adam Hampshire, the study’s lead author, also reported brain fog had also been recorded among COVID-19 patients who had coped with the virus at home and received no hospital treatment.

And some people positive to the virus but with no breathing difficulties also were found to have been experiencing some cognitive decline.

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Speaking to The Guardian, Ms Nicholson-McKellar said: “Brain fog seems like such an inferior description of what is actually going on. It’s completely crippling. I am unable to think clearly enough to do anything,

“I can’t work more than one to two hours a day and even just leaving the house to get some shopping can be a challenge.

“When I get tired it becomes much worse and sometimes all I can do is lay in bed and watch TV.”

She added: “It often prevents me from being able to have a coherent conversation or write a text message or email.

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He added: “Right now, about 4.4 percent of people, as we go into the second peak, seems to have antibodies that confer protection against the coronavirus. 4.4 percent compared to 6 percent earlier in the year between June and July so that has waned, particularly in the older age groups.

“So being exposed to COVID-19 does not necessarily guarantee individual immunity going forward.

“That’s a blow, we don’t want to hear that nor do we want to hear that the idea of herd immunity, which so many people have been relying on…that’s blown out of the water as well.

“So we’ve got to forget that getting COVID-19 will make us immune going forward.”


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