ITV’s The Bay – Five burning questions from episode two, plus ALL of the biggest moments


THE Bay returned for its second episode, and kicked off with the aftermath of Sean Meredith being arrested by DS Lisa Armstrong for the murder of his stepson Dylan.

Here we take you though those unanswered questions from tonight’s (March 27) show and all the big moments.

The Bay’s second episode was packed full of twists and turns

WARNING: Contains spoilers from episode two of The Bay.

Five burning questions from episode two of The Bay

1) Where is Holly and who dumped her bag in the sea?

It leads to the question, is one of the local fisherman involved? They would have access to throwing a bag overboard. Also Dylan’s body was found on the beach.

2) What is Lisa’s son Rob up to?

In the episode we saw him being encouraged to film himself stealing some vodka, but is there something more sinister to this, and could Dylan and Holly have been taking part in these “dares”.

3) Does Nick have something to hide?

Episode two was the first time we met Nick and suspicion immediately fell on him over Dylan’s murder. He was seen hanging around the youth centre, even though he is a grown man, and arguing with Dylan on the night he went missing.

Nick could be a red herring though, as it seems too obvious that it was him.

We met Nick Mooney for the first time and he became a suspect in Dylan’s murder

4) Is Vincent grooming Abbi?

The pair were seen getting close despite him being a man in his 20s and her being a 15-year-old schoolgirl .

It also makes you think, did he groom Holly and does he know where she is?

5) What does Sam know?

Sam is a school friend of Rob and Abbie, however, he seems anxious and wants to talk to Abbie who keeps shunning him.

He also told Rob that he wouldn’t be coming around to their house again, and when Rob asked why, he said, “Ask your sister.”

Viewers will be wondering if Vincent is grooming Abbi, DS Lisa Armstrong’s daughter

What were the biggest moments from episode two of The Bay?

We take you through a FULL recap of the second episode and things you may have missed.

1) Sean’s Alibi

The show opens with Sean Meredith still the number one suspect for his stepson Dylan’s murder.

Dylan’s twin sister Holly is still missing.

Sean still won’t reveal where he was for that hour when Dylan went missing – we know that he was with DS Lisa Armstrong part of that time, but that was only for 10 minutes.

Later we find out that after Sean and Lisa had sex in the alleyway,he then went to the nearby home of one of his fisherman co-workers, and slept with his wife – they have been having an affair for months.

Although Sean doesn’t admit to this, Lisa finds out from the wife in question and Sean is released on bail as he has an alibi.

This leads us to believe that Sean DIDN’T kill Dylan.

The epiosde started with Sean Meredith being questioned

2) We meet Nick Mooney

Nick is seen as a vulnerable adult due to his mild learning difficulties.

We find out he lives with his mum and he has a previous conviction for assault.

He’s a fisherman and we first meet him briefly when Lisa goes to question Sean’s co-workers at the beginning of the episode.

As the episode progresses we find out that Nick was arguing with Dylan on the night he went missing.

Later, Lisa, is visiting the twins’ family home to talk to their mum, when Nick turns up.

When he sees Lisa is there he makes a run for it, as he knows she is police.

As she chases him he drops a card that he was going to put through the family’s letterbox which reads “I’m sorry”.

Lisa catches him and he punches her in the face, and she arrests him for assaulting a police officer.

He is taken into questioning but refuses to answer any of the questions – his mum acts as his appropriate adult.

When questioned further, he reveals that he and Dylan had argued at the youth centre on the night he went missing, claiming Dylan “called him names”.

Vincent gave Abbi drugs to look after

3) Abbi and Vincent

Whilst on suspension for hitting another girl at school, Lisa’s 15-year-old daughter goes back to the rundown arcade to talk to Vincent again, who is a builder on the derelict site.

He takes for lunch and then says he needs to go “pick something up”, and she tags along with.

Later they are alone and Abbie tries to kiss Vincent, and he looks like he wants to but reminds her that she is “only 15” and he is in his 20s.

Abbie doesn’t take this rejection well, and later Vincent tracks her down after she runs off.

In order to get her back in favour he asks her to “do him a favour” and to “deliver a package” to the school.

Later she opens it and packets of drugs fall out – she hides the drugs under the bed.

Things go from bad to worse for DS Lisa Armstrong

4) Sean runs Nick over

The show ends with Nick seen packing a small rucksack and heading out on his bicycle.

As he rides along the road at night, we see Sean come up behind him in his van.

Flash to Lisa being called out to the beach again and Holly’s bag has been found in the sea.

Next we see Nick on his bike and Sean getting even closer in his van.

Nick tries to speed off but the show ends with Sean’s van about to hit him.

You can read a FULL recap of episode one of The Bay here.

When is The Bay next on ITV?

The Bay returns next WEDNESDAY (April 3, 2019) at 9pm on ITV.

You can watch episodes one and two now on the ITV Hub.

As it’s a six part series there are still four more episodes to go.




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