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Ivanka Trump SAVAGED for shock video as husband flouts coronavirus measures on flight


The real estate heir is seen flying on a commercial airplane without a mask alongside other men who are also ignoring the coronavirus guidance.

In the tweet, the First Daughter wrote: “History Made!

“#BTS Jared and NSA O’Brien on the 1st commercial flight ever between Israel and the United Arab Emirates!”

But outraged Twitter users noted that most people featured in the footage were not abiding by social distancing guidelines, including Mr Kushner, who is also a senior advisor to President Trump.

One Twitter user wrote: “And of course no masks being worn, no social distancing.

“Truly disgusting. Do Not Try to Sell This BS as a peace deal.

“It’s just another fake deal so y’all can skim even more $$ from the taxpayers.”

Another account added: “Why is this planeload of Americans allowed to visit Israel and UAE during the still active pandemic?

“The flagrant disregard is astonishing.”

Directing their outrage at Ms Trump, labelling her a “nepotism Barbie,” a third user wrote: “Yes, this is what the American people care most about right now, Nepotism Barbie.

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One user wrote: “The Trump presidency is four years of American history that will live in infamy.

“Easily, one of the darkest periods this nation has ever endured.”

Another added: “Before this election is over, expect a heck of a lot more people to die at the hands of @realDonaldTrump!

“He’ll fan the flames of hate like we have never seen before!

“Stay safe people, try to live through this storm, life is best lived, not dead; it will be over soon!”


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