Jack Fincham spends thousands dressing like Danny Dyer despite split from daughter Dani


JACK Fincham has spent thousands on dressing like Danny Dyer despite splitting from his daughter weeks ago.

The Love Island winner has bought items including Fila and Ellese tracksuit tops and matching Sergio Tacchini t-shirt and shorts just like the EastEnders actor’s in the cult film The Business.

Jack Fincham has spent thousands looking like Danny Dyer including this Fila jacket costing £59.95

Jack, 28, has been parading the clobber on his Instagram over recent months including on his holidays.

A source said: “Jack has openly confessed he is Dani’s Dad biggest fan – and pals mocked up a photo of him in the poster of The Business – but now he is dressing like him too.

“Over the last few months it seems Jack has got hold of all the clothes from director Nick Love’s The Business to look like Danny and fellow star Tamar Hussein – from the exact company that provided the wardrobe for Dyer and the rest of the film, 80sCasualClassics.”

Danny is seen here wearing the jacket he bought

Last year he was mocked for having a poster of Danny in his bedroom from the film.

But Jack soon saw the funny side of it and even posed with a mocked up version.

This week he posted a photo on his social media showing him dressed as Danny which he bought from 80sCasualClassics.

In January he posted a selfie of him in a Fila jacket, saying: “Fila weekend there is only one track top.”

He sported this jacket which is worth £59.95

Film Production Company

Jack has been wearing items of clothing as sported by Danny Dyer in The Business[/caption]

Jack and Dani, 23, split in March after winning last year’s series of the ITV2 hit in the summer.

During their time in the villa, Danny complimented Jack on his stomach and not having abs.

Danny, 41, and Jack were first pictured together in August for a curry.

He also admitted he wasn’t sure on him at first but soon warmed to him.

He has has these Sergio Tacchini £29 t-shirt and shorts worth £39.95
Danny also wore similar Sergio Tacchini outfits
Last year he was mocked for having a poster of Danny in his bedroom from the film but Jack soon saw the funny side of it and even posed with a mocked up version

Rex Features

Jack and Dani split in March after winning last year’s Love Island in the summer[/caption]

Getty Images – Getty

During their time in the villa, Dani’s dad Danny complimented Jack on his stomach and not having abs[/caption]

George Michael, here in his Wham!, days also made the tracksuits famous
Owner of 80sCasualClassics is Neil Primett here with Blue star Simon Webbe

Dani has since moved on with ex-boyfriend Sammy Kimmence.

Owner of 80sCasualClassics Neil Primett said: “Jack Fincham first tapped us up in search of purchasing the rare and highly sought after Fila Terrinda, acquiring all limited edition collector releases.

“It was obvious Nick Love got Danny Dyer into character and he pulled off the look and swagger. Jack has always had the association with his known passions for the film and Eighties style.

How Wham! helped start the Casuals look

The classic look epitomised by Danny Dyer and Tamar Hussein in The Business is based on the cult trend of ‘The Casuals’ fashion scene that swept the terraces and clubs in the early Eighties.

The Casual look – which is enjoying a massive resurgence now in the UK and Europe – can be traced back to George Michael and Andrew Ridgely in Wham almost 30 years ago, when they won over a generation wearing designer sports tracksuits and shorts.

Although musically Wham’s target audience and listeners were pop music teenagers, it was the posers, the gangsters and the casuals that really took note of their image.

Nothing screamed Eighties casual style like the Wham! boys did. Bringing their centre court get up to viewers in their millions on shows like Top Of The Pops, their sound wasn’t exactly what you would associate with the original casual scene if you heard it.

Wham! captured the colourful sound of the Eighties with their catchy pop tracks, ditching the over the top pirate costumes and bizarre song titles for bright coloured Italian designer sportswear and a new found glamorous look.


“To us Jack is typical of many who took influence from The Business wearing iconic film styles and he undoubtedly wears it well.

“With Jack on the Full Monty and working out down the local boxing gym he hit a decent shape to bust the 80s style. Like buyers on 80s Casual Classics he has created a strong look of his own with many The Business inspired styles that revitalised the 80s passion that was revived from Dyers character.

“Jack nailed a look and championed his own collection of fresh limited edition styles that give the 80s Business look an even greater spin, collecting rare limited edition collector styles selling out fast like the 2019 Fila Terrinda in pink, a re-working of Tamer Hassan’s navy original.”



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