Jacob Rees-Mogg backtracks and confirms he DOES want to back May’s Brexit deal as fear of no Brexit grows


JACOB Rees-Mogg has backed down on the Brexit backstop and said he CAN support the PM’s deal if she gets changes needed.

The Brexiteer said as long as there were changes which would agree an end to the backstop or similar, then he would be “delighted” to back the deal.

Jacob Rees Mogg said he would be happy with changes to the backstop if they had the same legal standing as the deal
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His position has softened considerably since earlier this month where he said he wanted the withdrawal agreement to be re-opened and the hated Northern Irish backstop to be completely scrapped.

Now he’s saying he doesn’t mind exactly what the changes look like, as long as it would end before the next election and has “the same legal status as the deal”.

If that was an “appendix” to the treaty then that would be enough for him to vote for the deal, he wrote in the Daily Mail today.

The Brexiteer said it would “satisfy most of us who are worried” and said it was a “practical and not a theological attitude” towards Brexit.

The Sun revealed today how Mr Rees-Mogg has been accused of softening demands on Brexit to try and help his pal Boris Johnson become Prime Minister.

The Brexiteer backbenchers are split over what changes are needed for them to back Theresa May’s revised EU exit deal.

Sources said his intervention had “seriously p***ed off” the ERG’s other leading figure, Steve Baker.

But Brexiteer MPs are getting increasingly worried that if they continue to oppose the PM’s deal then Brexit could be at risk altogether.

The Brexiteer previously said the withdrawal agreement had to be re-opened, but now the threat of an extension to Brexit day is looming

Earlier this week Theresa May bowed to pressure from her Remainer cabinet colleagues and said she would give MPs a vote on extending Article 50 if she hadn’t got a deal in place by the middle of March.

This could pave the way to a second referendum and reversing Brexit altogether, many Tories fear.

The PM hopes this added pressure of a delay to Brexit will sway over waverers, and the threat of leaving without a deal altogether will get Remainers to vote for it too.

Last night more than 100 Tories either voted against the PM or abstained in protest at the new promises to hold votes on delaying Brexit.

And Labour confirmed it would push ahead with a vote on whether to hold a second Brexit referendum, in a move that will betray millions of Leave voters.

PM Theresa May said she would hold a vote on delaying Brexit if she doesn’t have a deal soon
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