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Jamal Adams close to Jets breaking point: ‘Maybe it’s time to move on’


Jamal Adams is one step away from demanding a trade off the Jets.

Adams’ frequent use of social media to voice his displeasure with his contract and the slow-moving negotiations reached another level Thursday.

“Maybe it’s time to move on,” Adams wrote at the end of his latest Instagram rant.

Adams’ message last week, as word leaked the Browns and defensive end Myles Garrett are in talks on an extension, was the Jets are “all talk no action.”

Now? Adams is venting at Jets fans and bringing Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes into the conversation. Garrett (No. 1), Adams (No. 5) and Mahomes (No. 10) were picked in the 2017 NFL Draft and this the first offseason players from that class are eligible for an extension on original deals covering five years, including a team option.

“What does Pat have to do with me?” Adams wrote. “Pat is about to get 40 to 60 M’s (million) a year. Well deserved. That’s my guy. But don’t compare me to QB’s if you aren’t paying me QB money.”

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Jamal AdamsBill Kostroun

Christian McCaffrey signed a four-year, $64 million contract with the Panthers earlier this offseason. He was selected two picks after Adams.

So, Adams can’t figure out why the Jets are not acting like the Browns and Panthers.

“Don’t use the pandemic excuse,” Adams wrote. “CM22 got paid not too long ago. … [I am going to] protect myself just like the organization will look out for themselves at the end of the day.”


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