James Bond star George Lazenby quit role after one film to ‘get laid’


007 star George Lazenby has not watched a James Bond movie since he played the spy 50 years ago.

The actor, who was Bond in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service in 1969, said he walked away from the franchise after just one film to “get laid”.

He said playing the secret agent in the 1960s was a turn off for women who wanted men in bell-bottom trousers and flowered shirts.

Lazenby surrounded by women

WANTING WOMEN: His manager told him Bond was over, Easy Rider was in (Pic: Michael Stroud/Getty)

Australian Lazenby, now 79, said he had never seen latest Bond Daniel Craig in the role.

He said: “I’ve not seen him. I’ve never seen any Bond movies.

“Everyone thought I’d done one Bond film and failed.

george lazenby

FASHION: Suits werent in, people were wearing bell-bottom trousers and flowered shirts (Pic: Stringer/ Getty)

They never thought that I could have walked away from it.

“My manager told me James Bond was over.

“Easy Rider was in, hippies were in.

james lazenby

STRUGGLED: After quitting as Bond he struggled for roles (Pic: Loomis Dean/GETTY)

“People were going around in bell-bottom trousers and flowered shirts and I was going around in a suit.

“I’d walk into a restaurant and people would stare. Way out of date, you know?

“That wasn’t rebellion – that was to get laid!”

james lazenby

BOND: Lazenby hasn’t watched subsequent Bond movies and has never seen Daniel Craig in the role (Pic: Getty)

After quitting as Bond he struggled for roles and appeared in several steamy Emmanuelle flicks in the 90s.

The twice-wed dad-of-five, whose second wife was US tennis player Pam Shriver, 56, said he does not think he will “be with another woman” in his lifetime even though his pals insist “girls still come on” to him.


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