James Bond-style trackers used by criminals to steal rival dealers’ drugs


RUTHLESS criminals are using James Bond-style trackers to find and plunder rival dealers’ drugs stashes.

The satellite-based GPS devices are fitted with magnetic strips and can be easily placed on the bottom of someone’s car.

One dealer told the Daily Star he regularly places them on rivals’ vehicles to find their cannabis farms – known as “grows” – and other stashes.

He said: “It’s easy picking – there’s no honour among thieves.

“Some of my mates think it’s bad karma but I don’t think there’s such a thing. I see it as using my intuition to make easy money.”



GPS: The devices are fitted with magnetic strips and can be able on the bottom of someone’s (Pic: GETTY)

“As long as you don’t sell it back to the original dealers you’ll be fine.

“There’s a very slim chance they’ll find out but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.”

The gang, who met us at a secret location last week, revealed they have been using the trackers across the north of England for months.

In a recent raid they stole £8,000-worth of cannabis which was due to be harvested within days.


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