James Woolsey to Newsmax TV: Brennan's Treason Claim Bogus


Former CIA Director James Woolsey said unfounded claims by former members of the intelligence community that President Donald Trump is guilty of conspiring with the Russians is as perplexing as a clock chiming for a 13th time.

Woolsey was on Newsmax TV’s “Newsmax Now” on Wednesday night and was asked specifically about former CIA Director John Brennan, who has insisted for two years that Trump colluded with the Russians. It was unveiled last weekend that special counsel Robert Mueller came to the opposite conclusion.

“I think it hurts generally when you accuse someone of something as serious as essentially aide and comfort to the enemy of the United States, and you don’t have any evidence to that effect,” Woolsey said. “And then it turns out, as it looks right now, they don’t have evidence.

“That’s like the 13th chime of a clock. It’s bizarre in and of itself, and it calls into question everything from the same source.”

Woolsey added Trump’s repeated criticisms of the late Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., are also similar to a clock’s extra tone, and then added Americans should return to using facts as supporting evidence for discussion, rather than opinions.

“I wish we could have a more civil and fair-minded and evidence-based statement of people’s objectives and policies, rather than the kind of thing we saw, falsely apparently, claiming treason,” he said.

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