Jared Kushner won't bring peace with Palestinians, but may bring Israel and Gulf Arabs together


Sylvan Adams stepped out of the air-conditioned lobby of the Four Seasons hotel into the Bahrain heat, where a white SUV was waiting for him. 

The car drove the Israeli billionaire and philanthropist a short distance to one of the Gulf kingdom’s royal palaces, where he met Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, one of the king’s sons. 

The two men discussed their shared love of bicycle racing and Mr Adams told the Arab royal that next time they met it should be in Israel. 

“I told him it would be my pleasure to be his guide in Israel,” Mr Adams told The Telegraph. “We had a very warm encounter and I hope it is the beginning of a friendship and collaboration in the future.” 

Jared Kushner’s two-day summit in Bahrain appears to have done little to advance what Donald Trump calls the “ultimate deal” – a peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians. 

But it may have helped further another US goal: bringing together its Israeli and Gulf Arab allies in what could be a strategic realignment in the Middle East.  


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