JD Salinger finally joins the digital revolution as his novels are published as e-books 


He was known to dislike computers and once described publishing as a “terrible invasion of my privacy”. 

But JD Salinger will finally join the digital revolution on Tuesday as his novels are published as e-books, with the promise that the American author’s unpublished works will also be released to the public in due course.

His son, Matt Salinger, had turned down requests to turn the published works into e-books for years, saying there were few things his father loved more than the “full tactile experience of reading a printed book.” 

But he said he “decided it was time” to bring the literary giant into the digital age after becoming aware that many readers, particularly younger generations, use e-books exclusively and some people with disabilities can only use e-books.

Mr Salinger, who helps run the JD Salinger Literary Trust, said it was a difficult decision to make, given his father’s disdain for technology and his desire for privacy. 


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